Diet expansion

Since watching “No Impact Man” and looking over all the blog posts about seasonal diets I’ve decided to experiment with my diet. You may or may not notice I’m posting this blog at about 7:30 am. My boyfriend, roommate and myself have recently taken to late night strolls on the beach to actually expand our diets by hunting fresh blue crabs and collecting horse conch. Over the course of two nights we have collected roughly 12 blue crabs, enough to provide a good meal or two for the three of us. On our trip we have also come across several species of stingray and fish and enjoyed observing sea slugs, urchins and sea cucumbers up close. We have come across all kinds of cool finds including broken off coral from nearby reefs. I would suggest anyone to take a drive out to the beach with a partner and a net at night to just see what they can find along the water or even consider adding a little something new to your diet. Tomorrow (or tonight depending on how you look at it) we will be cooking up our catch. I’m excited to try truly fresh seafood straight from the sea.

(( Did I mention that blue crabs make an awesome still life subject? ))Blue crabs

((Seriously look at this pretty son-of-a-bitch))

(As always be careful with a partner on the beach and always bring multiple strong flashlights to navigate through shallow waters. Be aware of your surrounds and also be aware of any prohibitions on anything you catch. ((Often times we catch female blue crabs or pregnant blue crabs and throw them back because they can only spawn once in their lifetime))


2 thoughts on “Diet expansion

  1. That’s incredibly cool that you go out and directly catch your food like that. How long have you been doing this (I know you said recently, but…). How frequently do you think the three of you will go out to catch more?

    (Also, your comment about the blue crab and being a still life subject is hilarious. And true.)

  2. I love seafood, and I love freshly-harvested food (you haven’t had real corn on the cob unless it was picked in the last few days and not transported over half the country). I would really like to try this sometime! I bet fresh crab legs are the BEST crab legs.

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