If I am speaking for myself, I know I am not a chef in the slightest, but I always end up with random schtuff in the fridge. This website helps you come up with random mixes of food by simply clicking on the ingredients in your fridge. Not all of the combinations of food are the healthiest things to eat like brownies and peanut butter pancakes and schtuff, but it does list how to prepare your meal, how long it takes, and healthier alternatives listed all very simply put.

I think every college student should check out this site! It’s incredibly useful. Also you can create ashopping list on the site based upon food recipes you want to make, so you don’t have to figure out what you have and don’t have. You can utilize it as an inventory of your fridge if you really wanted too… Anyways check it out! Its helped me out a lot!



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  1. This is awesome. Whoever came up with this is a genius. I’m definitely going to be using this in the future when i feel like i have nothing to eat in my house. this reminds me of a video i saw once of someone pan-frying chicken legs in lucky charms, and it was apparently delicious…

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