My trip to: Shvil HaSalat in Israel

In December for winter break, I went a trip to Israel. On one of our excursions, we went to a local organic farm in the middle of the Negev Desert [the deserts from Indiana Jones.] This organic farm was amazing! They let us eat anything we wanted straight from the ground or in some cases the air. They grew everything using recycled water from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Some plants they grew hanging from the air like tomatoes, peppers, chilis, strawberries and a bunch more. In addition they grew their own spices and herbs and not just one variety. They had almost every type of each of the spices and herbs, [Spanish Mint, Green Mint….] It was incredible. They grew every kind of carrots that apparently originated a purple, so some carrots were purple, orange, some were purple on the outside and orange on the inside, it was crazy! They used no pesticides or anything similar to pesticides, they grew everything under a tent keeping in the humidity and sunlight and kept out the bugs and birds. Shvil HaSalat is the perfect vegan home! It is really incredible because they are in the middle of the desert with no freshwater in 100 in any directions, and yet they use all recycled water from the two biggest cities in Israel. I thought that place was amazing!
Shvil HaSalat


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