Family and Food

Dinner With Fam


I’m currently having dinner with my family and to be perfectly honest, I’m sure my mom cooked every single thing that probably would have been better left in the store.

I have diner’s remorse right now. Not that the meal was bad or anything, but it was heavy and without a doubt, too heavy, which is why I’ve stopped eating with my family on Sundays. The foods too heavy and I just feel incredibly large after I eat. Presently, I’m pretty sure my stomach has expanded a few inches, I ate more than I should have, but it was as if every bite I took encouraged me to take another.

What is it about the foods you aren’t supposed to eat encouraging you to just eat more? Perhaps it’s the grand scheme of the government to create people to want more than they can eat, but they eat it all anyway, and at the end of the day, they need more or something ridiculous like that. I don’t know, just spouting ideas, but in all seriousness.. While I was eating, it was like being trapped in a vicious cycle of continuous, mindless eating.

Usually, when I eat healthier, I don’t feel heavy, I’m still a functioning member of society and ultimately, I feel better about myself.

Anyone else feel this way when they eat certain things?


6 thoughts on “Family and Food

  1. Candy. I try to eat right all day and then the candy bowl calls to me…and then I say “I’ll just have one more…” and then I’ve eaten like, an entire bag of those carmel bullseye candies. And then I get a stomach ache. I think its helpful to not have those kind of snacks on hand. If you buy healthier alternatives, even when you’re hungry you’re still gonna be eating better.

  2. I think it because of the ingredients the food is being cooked with. Just like doritos or nachos, you can’t help but keeping eating more and more of them, even though you know you have had way too many. I think the salts, butter, and sugers when eaten in excess, gives your body a new “normal,” subconsciously causing you to eat more. Just an idea though?

  3. Our bodies are designed to crave sugar and fats—so, the foods that have the proper ratios of those things are what we want. Think: bacon or donuts. As we evolved, those things were great to tide us over until we could find our next meal–and we were hunting and gathering our meals. Now, our bodies are still drawn to those foods but we don’t have to do anything to get them. We can sit in a chair, order pizza through our TV’s and really not have to move much during consumption. So, food is part of the problem. The best thing is to be aware of what you are eating and thinking about making healthy choices most of the time.

  4. My doctor recently recommended that I cut down on sugar. I have a big sweet tooth, so this was a pretty painful sacrifice for me. I do indulge myself now and then, but I always feel guilty about my “splurge days”, no matter how much I stick to my diet in between them.

    The same goes for really fatty foods on days when I haven’t been able to exercise. Sometimes, it’s the quickest option, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most guilt-free option.

  5. I quit soda/candy 2 years ago and the sugary goodness still haunts me every time I go grocery shopping.

    Back to the topic of family dinners though: I was raised with the “you’re not finished until your plate is clean” mentality. Which is a good sentiment if you concerned with wastefulness. But I think a better approach is just to cook smaller meals. (My parents have yet to agree.)

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