My Food Diversity and No Impact Man

I typically eat crock pot food these days. Ever since March. I have mostly been eating Tortilla Soup, which has black beans, Chicken, Tomatoes, and cheese. Cheerios and Milk. Potato, Egg, and Turkey Bacon, with a little salsa. Curry and Rice, which includes Chicken, mushrooms, and green bell peppers. And sometimes some potato chips if I am really desperate for a snack. I occasionally have fruits to eat.

I list all these things because I haven’t had much variety for a while. I cycle through the same kind of food. Mostly it’s cheap or on sale food. Filling meals with a great freezing and microwavable quality. My refrigerator has alot of sauces. I have alot of seasonings and herbs, but I don’t have the money to go and buy ingredients that I used to use with these herbs.

I don’t purposely eat “in season”, if it happens to be on sale, then I will buy it. I don’t even know what fruits are “in season”. I try to buy local fruits and vegetables, but I can’t ever find a good enough reason to buy it unless it is on a huge sale. Every once in a while I spot something that is cheaper than what is in the grocery. What I find troublesome about the farmer’s market downtown is that it only happens on Saturdays. Sometimes I do most of my shopping on the weekdays because I wanted something “fresh” when I’m ready to cook, or I need something that I didn’t think I needed while I was at the Market.

I think it’s hard for me to not be biased against things that cost money right now because of the financial situation that I am in. If I was asked this last semester, I might have thought differently. Watching the No Impact Man, I think most of the things he did was only possible because his wife had a job. They both live in a nice part of New York, have a child, and a dog. I imagine that they have the money to live so comfortably. To shut off their electricity and water, then buy all this organic & vegan food (constantly) is probably just as expensive. Whereas the alternative was to have electricity and maybe eat microwave meals. I know that was a horrible example. I just don’t think I could live a life of only organic food because I couldn’t support that kind of living with the money I have now. I know he is an example of what an extremist would be, so I hope nobody expects regular people to live exactly like that, but I did like some of the things he did in order to not make an impact on the environment. I currently reuse water bottles if I can. I definitely have been more aware about the waste I create from being a consumer. I ride my bike all the time now. And I would love to have my own garden. Most of what I do now is mostly inspired by the fact I am low on money, but when I do have money again, I am pretty sure I can be as conservative as I am now. The movie really made me think about some of the conveniences that I take for granted. The movie did its job!

I just thought of a reason why people probably didn’t like them. Instead of trying to be “environmental”, people probably thought they were being “poor”. haha.

– Esther Love


2 thoughts on “My Food Diversity and No Impact Man

  1. I thought the picture was really funny :). I agree that, “No Impact man” made you think about how you affect the environment but being a college student, it’s hard to follow in their footsteps. Great post

  2. It is interesting to note that they had the luxery of going without–sort of like a game…but many many people live without a lot of the things that we would find essential due to money. And, this isn’t just happening in other countries…this is happening right here.

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