Cabbage Patch Kids



One of the best meals I ever had was straight from the garden and a fresh water lake (with minimal assistance from a grocery store). Let me explain..

Once upon a time, not that long ago in a place called Portland, MI (yes, Michigan), my mom and I visited her best friend who’d not too long before that time had started a garden of her own. One thing that was more than plentiful in her garden was cabbage and this wasn’t those tiny heads of cabbage that you could probably juggle with your fingers, this cabbage was beyond huge to the point I didn’t think it was real (I was young and stupid at the time, give me a break here). With that cabbage, I got to make sauerkraut from (as far I can remember) scratch. Granted, my friend and I ended up doing the grunt work, but because it was so different we didn’t complain. Before dinner, we’d also gone fishing, which I hadn’t done in such a long time. Almost everything about that dinner was cultivated from the land and a result of our own hard work. At the end of the day, it was great to sit down and eat a meal that we had labored to produce and everyone had a hand in it.

To this very day, I still remember the sense of satisfaction that accompanied the conclusion of that meal and I remember being a different kind of tired. I hadn’t been bored, had been around minimal electricity and just enjoyed the company of good people and good food. I feel like this is something that doesn’t happen enough and while there will always be those people that slave over producing a great meal, the accomplishment leaves more to be desired at times. It’s really difficult to explain, but I think it was the fact that I had seen nearly every stage of production that made this meal better for myself, even at such a young age (ok I wasn’t that young, but 11 is still young).

If I could do that again, I most certainly would. I’ve been wanting to start my own garden for a while, but living in such an uncertain circumstance with limited resources can make the actual execution of committing to a garden difficult or even next to impossible. It’s easy to say ‘after I graduate and get my own place’ but then the question ‘will it really happen’ comes to mind.

Personally, I do hope to one day start my own garden and through it, take better care of myself, I just don’t know when that day will come, or if it will.


One thought on “MY CABBAGES!

  1. I’m glad you shared this story! My family used to have a little garden when I was young, and I always thought it was the greatest thing to see the vegetables growing. Lately I’ve thought of gardening, too… Though it’s not really possible in an apartment, I’ve been considering small potted herbs (like basil and dill) that I could grow by a window or something.

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