I am not a regular person and that’s reflected on the way I eat. I am able to loose and gain weight really easily so my weight varies depending on what I eat each day. 

When I was back home everything I ate depended on my family,but I was and am really picky about food. I like four things and anything outside of those four things I am really afraid of even taste. One thing that really limits my eating options is that I deeply hate eggs, I can’t eat or even smell eggs cooked on anyway. The smell throughs me away and the taste is completely horrible for me. The same thing happens with tuna. If someone ate anything either with eggs or tuna and I smell it, I get completely sick.

At college I eat pretty much whatever I want. Back home is another story. I loooove bread, all kinds of bread, I could not live without eating bread. Also I am a complete carnivore person, I don’t do green haha. And if you bring me a cake or any kind of sweet, I am all yours.


3 thoughts on “Unbalanced

  1. Eggs are absolutely wonderful (depending of course)! But I completely understand being a picky eater. It’s taken me a very long time to break out of my picky eating phase and I’m almost to the point where I will try just about anything once. Then again, I am fortunate (or unfortunate) in having pushy friends that want me to try a bunch of different things and so as not to be rude and swallow my picky pride and give in. Haha, luckily I have survived all these taste tests.

    Green~ Bleh. The only way I’ll eat it is.. Uhm.. I’ll get back to you on that.

    My most recent food obsession, however, is Korean food. From watching a lot of shows and what not, curiosity increased and I just had to try it at least once. When I did, I was forever hooked, but it had to be my decision or it wouldn’t happen ever. So by all means, stay picky! One day you’ll see something you’ll really want to try despite knowing what’s in it and that will be the moment you ‘branch out’ so to speak and try something that’s out of the ordinary for you.

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