My Diet


Its interesting that we started to cover this topic around the time I decided to make a huge change in my eating habits. I looked at the food pyramid one day and thought that maybe it was time I actually made an effort to eat healthy. So its become a bit of an obsession for me over the last couple weeks to eat the full servings of fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy proteins and to stay away from food with bad fats (saturated/trans/cholesterol) without fail everyday.

What do you typically eat?

Before, not much besides crackers, soup and cereal. Now I’m trying to cover all the bases while staying away from the bad stuff. So these days I usually have a bowl of fruit and whole grain cereal, or scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, ham and cheese for breakfast. I don’t really do lunch, I’m more of a grazer so I snack on wheat thins, carrots, yogurt, lettuce, those really plain animal crackers or an apple. Dinner might be ramen with tons of veggies or…something else simple. The goal is to eat two cups of fruit everyday and two and a half cups of veggies everyday and to make most of my grains whole. Its hard, but I’m trying.

How diverse is your fridge?

It used to be pretty boring back when I lived on campus. Milk, jelly, butter, pickles, carrots, assorted leftovers or drinks from Outtakes. Before my new diet, the fridge at our apartment was usually just milk, eggs, butter, carrots, sandwich stuff, carrots and a green pepper. Now I love how colorful the fridge is that I’ve loaded it with apples and watermelon, grapes and lettuce, and all sorts of vegetables that have grown too numerous to fit in the drawer. Of course, I still have a box of toaster strudels hidden in the freezer…

Do you eat in season?

I never knew if I was or wasn’t eating in season. Because of this class and due to the changes I’m making to my diet, I’m going to try and shop the farmer’s markets more and be in touch with whats happening with the food.

Do you buy local?

I wouldn’t have known the answer to this question last month. Just this last weekend I went to the farmer’s market and it was great! I bought potatoes that someone grew in their garden! The fact that I think that’s something special might be an indicator of how I’ve never really thought too much about my food or where it comes from or how it is grown. Now I want to buy organic and local as much as possible, both for my own health and for the health of the community, the animals involved in farming, and for the environment.


7 thoughts on “My Diet

  1. I definitely agree that this class has been eye opening. I’m definitely going to make it a goal for the summer to eat better and (mostly?) locally, if possible, too.

  2. I just started a diet also that happened to line up to when our class started talking about the foods we eat. Don’t forget to eat proteins in your diet too! I am much more aware about the foods “in-season” and what I can do to help set the world on a better track!

  3. After reading this post and for other reasons, I would love to start better regulating what I’m eating. Be it the rush of the day; grabbing a subway as justification for being too busy to make an actual meal, or making a quick bowl of roman noodles during a late night study session; whatever the reason, lately I have come to realize that a change is needed. Understanding what I’m eating, where it’s coming from, and how eating those particular foods impacts my body and how I function as a person whether they are healthy or unhealthy. Understanding what I’m eating and how it effects me, I think will help me to better determine what I can keep and what I really don’t need!

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