Organic Homelife, Prepackaged College Life

In light of our recent discussions about food diversity and our diet, I must say that when I compare my homelife to my life at college there is a big difference. If you are what you eat, I’ll probably be sealed in a plastic container by the time I graduate. Now That I’m so busy, I feel that I don’t have time to prepare food with raw ingredients. Unless I can nuke it or fry it up in a few minutes I simply don’t take the time to buy it or eat it. At home I grew up in a rural woodland area where we drank well water and ate fresh fruits and veggies grown in our own garden. I even chucked when we watched No Impact Man because my Dad had the same fascination with those compost worms and we used the regularly to feed our own crops. 

Needless to say I barely eat anything green here. I subscribe to a lot more vacuum sealed, plastic wrapped things. But I want to keep trying to get closer to some of the practices I had at home, something abit more natural. Especially after reading this book:


I definitely mentioned it in class before but if you’re like me I’d highly recommend this book. In some ways it will calm some of the irrational fear of processed food, but in other ways it will only confirm the suspicions your had before and make you aware of new ones. But just as a few fun facts, the majority of packaged baked goods come from rocks and some ingredients are the same material used to make cellophane wrap……Lovely I know! So if you don’t feel you have time to worry about it now (I can completely relate) maybe something to research over the summer. I know that’s what I’ll be doing!Image


5 thoughts on “Organic Homelife, Prepackaged College Life

  1. I love twinkies.. I know they’re horrible, I know they should have never been consumed by mankind, they probably should have never been created, but as someone that doesn’t consume sweets very often, whenever I needed just… SOMETHING to get rid of craving for sweets, twinkies never let me down. *___*

    One thing that I found interesting as far as eating at home vs eating at college, is that, college can make more foods at home possible for consumption. Think about it, if you’re constantly starving at school for whatever reason and then you go home for break, that sausage patty you wouldn’t eat last year that your grandma makes every morning, will look mighty tasty and might even be one of the best things you’ve ever tasted in your life! It’s happened to a great deal of people.

  2. I’m on the meal plan here at Ringling, but It is no better then going out and buying quick made food. It makes me feel just as terrible to eat that stuff. I grew up on fresh ingredients as well, summer crops we grew ourselves and the likes. I really miss it as well and can’t wait to be home. I never was one to eat twinkies and that kind of junk food so I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about eating rocks? Weird!!!

  3. I started to get into the prepacked groove around sophomore year. And since then I started only buy fresh fruits or veggies that can readily be eaten without any prep-work. [like apples, oranges, avocados, pomegranates…] or I buy like salads from publix and my own fruits and veggies, to them and make them more of a meal rather than a snack. And on really lucky days I add like smoked salmon or a cooked chicken to them.

  4. the twinkie is one of the most disturbing foods i have ever eaten. besides it being just an awkward food in general, it’s even worse when you read about what’s in it! i’m not the least bit sad that they stopped making them (have you ever heard of deep fried twinkies? i can’t even imagine…). i used to call them fat cakes, and for good reason. as a friend of mine once put it, “i can taste the preservatives.” I couldnt have said it better myself.

  5. I agree and feel the same way. I would like to eat better but unfortunately im stuck with the simple but unhealthy meal choices. I can’t make a full breakfast when i’m rushing to my morning class or any other time for that matter. Also I would read that book but I don’t want to be even more scared of what i’m putting into my body. Maybe I’ll read it after i graduate 🙂

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