Food Selfie

Ignore this, it makes me look bad.

What do you typically eat?

This is really difficult to answer because I’m always on diets and limit my diet for weeks at a time. As an example, last week I was trying to only eat Chobani greek yogurt (don’t ask) and then I would have slips and eat bread or something. A few other examples are just Lean Cuisine or I spent a week having a craving for egg sandwiches so I had that almost every day. It also depends on what I buy, and that can go crazy. I’m a bad impulse buyer, especially for food. Like I needed eggs one day and went to Wal-mart to get them, and they had 5 dozen eggs for $7 and I, being smart, thought it was a good deal and decided to buy it and just eat eggs all week. My roommates weren’t happy to say the least. Neither was my cholesterol. So what I buy has to do a lot with it, although I never really set a goal on to buy diverse food, I just see something I like and buy it. I’m pretty bad.

How diverse is your fridge?

Since I share a fridge with 2 other people, the diversity comes from that. We have some fresh vegetables and lunchmeat due to one, we have milk and microwaveables due to another, and we have heartier stuff and the things you use to put the things together because of me. Overall, we kind of have a diverse fridge but it’s not because of me. Or maybe we don’t, I might not know what defines a diverse fridge.

Do you eat in season?

Honestly, I don’t ever know what’s in season and what’s not. I’m selfish in the way that I’m aware of how farmers and people can grow year around with certain hormones and chemicals so when I go to the grocery store and I can’t find a mango or a pomegranate or raspberries when a recipe calls for them, I become mad. A few weeks ago I was making cupcakes that required a raspberry glaze and I went to three different stores to find raspberries, and they were all sold out. I was ridiculously peeved. And I’m very aware of how stupid and selfish that is but I’m okay with that because I keep it to myself.

Do you buy local?

Not 100% sure what local is considered, but I do sometimes eat at places where they can only be found at that place. But I’m talking more about economical local- not food grown local. And if we’re talking about only economical, then I eat local several times a week in summer. But home-grown food or places who gets their ingredients from local farmers then I don’t think I’ve eaten local once. I’ve never been interested in knowing how they get their produce, as long as the food tastes good.


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