Your Voice and Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide

Climate change isn’t anything new, but some people are acting like it’s some large controversy. There is this huge debate over whether or not global warming is actually occurring, what is the main cause and what some of its effects will be.

A lot of people think that there isn’t anything that we as individuals can do. But I think that it’s that kind of attitude that is really harming the planet. Simple things like riding a bike, turning off water and lights, switching the light bulbs are good starts but for real action you need to go deeper.

By encouraging community action and promoting energy efficiency you can make a pretty big difference not only in your community but even start a ripple effect that will spread across the nation and maybe even the world.

Another tool that we all have is our voice. If you are passionate about making a change than writing a letter to a local newspaper or contacting U.S. representatives could just make all the difference. Influencing government action lies at the core of change. Because the U.S. is such a global leader, you could even influence many nations around the world to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices.

Standing by or sitting on your couch isn’t going to do any good if you don’t use your voice. Think about the world that our children or our grandchildren are going to grow up in.


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