Q&A: food and diet

As a follow up on my last blog post and reading Jasmin’s blog post I thought I would do like her and answer a couple of questions about my diet and food habits.


What do you typically eat?
So I have a confession. A really bad one, but it’s true so why not.
Well, so prior to Ringling I had an excellent diet and eating habit that combined with a whole life of exercise and no smoking made me feel physically awesome. I love cooking, and so does my dad – so we always do quality over quantity and local/organic over anything else. But then soon two years ago now, I came to Florida. And you have to understand that not only was the weather change and season change a huge challenge for my body but also hormones/additives/gmo’s/etc aswell. And then on top of that it was this whole world of stress that opened up to me at Ringling – so I stopped doing any sports, started smoking and drinking and whatnot and slept a whole lot more. Freshman year was the worst – but since after that I could ditch the mealplan (kind of – I just go to outtakes) and cook at my house all the time this year, and since my boyfriend and I got bikes in last August. That changed everything – we could finally go and shop groceries. It was amazing and you have no idea how many bags full of groceries two people can carry until you try it. We always go to wholefoods or publix at least once or twice a week – and I always try to buy organic, though in reality I don’t believe in half of what it says it is. You know, this country is just kind of too big and at this point I just care about getting the healthiest and best I can find at the given moment.

For breakfast I usually don’t eat anything anymore – it was like my religion before but i hated the breakfast i served at Commons so i quit eating in the morning… but now if I have morning class I might go to outtakes and get a coffee and a cerealbar. Then I go back to my house and usually cook a sandwich for lunch (I love’m) . I’m pesceterian/flexiterian, so I usually eat two three different slices with for example, vegan ham, brie, goat cheese, spinach, spices, tomatoes etc. I am obsessed with good olive oil – right now it’s “the world’s best organic olive oil” that I have and that I put on everything that is not dessert. You should try it but fyi it is expensive – 20 $ a bottle! Anyways, I love sandwiches so I mostly eat that for lunch and at night – while for dinner I try to differ and go for a wholegrain meal consisting of mainly carbs like pasta, couscous or rice or whatever sometimes with a fake chicken or something. And you might find it weird im veggie and still eat “fake” chicken and bacon and stuff but the fact is that I still miss meat – I need variation – and I do care a lot of how the food was produced, where a fake chicken is not that bad. And also, when I decided to stop eating meat I also stopped eating anything with added or processed sugar in it. So the candy I have, and treats are always made with honey, or fructose, or stevia, or whatever organic and more natural (though sometimes splenda is used..).
My boyfriend and I really like to eat out so we try to do that as often as we can – we love Pho Cali, and if you haven’t been you really should; it’s the best food in Sarasota. But yeah, food is a really big part of my life – if I wouldn’t be a photographer I would probably become a chef. Hehe.

How diverse is your fridge?
And or cupboard? Because we have a lot there too – organic and alternative supplements like proteinshakes and green tea “maca”and organic candy and all fruit – while our fridge have a cheese section, a vegetable section, condiments, and sauces and drinks section. I love spinach so I put it on everything – so I definitely get my 5 a day of vegetables and fruits.

Do you eat in season?
Mmmmmno. I just buy what’s in the store – I never wake up before the Saturday’s Farmers Market closes, so I never go there.. but then on the other hand I guess Publix or at least Wholefooods is somewhat seasonal.

Do you buy local?
Yes and no – I try to as much as I can but here, unless you go to above mentioned market or gave a car it is difficult going to a place that sells a lot of local food, even organic (other than WF). And we only have bikes.


2 thoughts on “Q&A: food and diet

  1. It sounds like your a real foodie. i love cooking and baking too, but as was the case with you, ringling really changed that about me. Now I barely have time to sleep or the money to spend on $20 olive oil, let alone cook proper meals or go out to the farmers market.

    FYI, Publix is not seasonal. They may have sales when watermelon or cantaloupe is in season and promote it as “at season’s peak”, But basically things that are in general grocery stores are there all year round for the convenience of shoppers.

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