Eating Local


I thought it was interesting that today in class nobody knew the seasons for fruit and vegetables in Florida. It highlighted a major disconnect between our eating habits and nature.

I searched online for some of the major fruits and veggies that are in season now in Florida:

Cabbage (November through June)
Cantaloupes (March through July)
Carrots (November through June)
Cilantro (November through June )
Corn (August through June)
Cucumbers (October through June )
Grapefruits (September through June)
Lettuce (November through May)
Melons (March through July)
Oranges (October through May)

Some of the most interesting ones I found where these, because I tend to buy them year round:

Grapes: only in season August and September – 2 months out of the year
Potatoes: only in season January through July– 7 months out of the year
Spinach: only in season February and March – 2 months out of the year
Watermelon: only in season April through July– 4 months out of the year



I did agree with many of the things that were said in class. Because of our budget and time constraints as students I find it much harder to get out to the local farmers market and make the effort to purchase locally grown foods.

This is definitely something that during the summer when I have more time and after I graduate that I will make more of a conscious effort to do for my health and for the health of the environment.


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