Climate Change Education

It is neat to see that California and some other states are combining their efforts to make kids aware of climate change. It’s really important to educate the younger kids, because bad habits are easier to break at that age.

“What’s important here is that the standards will give students a deep understanding of how science and scientists actually work,” said Phil Lafontaine, a California Department of Education official who helped create the proposed standards. “It’s not just what we know but how we came to know it.”

I like that they are trying to relate sciences of earth to real world issues. It’s sometimes hard to care about things when you don’t know why or how it YOU as an individual. I know I didn’t care about anything, unless it affected me, at that young age.

What is interesting is that they are piggybacking on the issue that American students are falling behind other countries in the areas of math and science. So they are really pushing for this to be a more important issue in the schools, because it will hopefully make more kids be interested in the sciences. The awareness of world problems are important, BUT they really want is just to be smarter than everybody else.

Their proposal for adding this in the school curriculum is interesting, because they plan to teach the ideas of climate change from middle school to high school. I am not sure if they will start earlier than that, but it sounded like they wanted it integrated much like how Biology and chemistry is.

I love how some of the southern states are OK with the idea of teaching climate change as long as they “include different views on climate change or mandate teaching the topic as a “controversial theory”. It could be for good or bad reasons they are doing this. I think as long as they talk about how pollution and waste is BAD, I don’t really care what they think is causing the sea level to rise. The point IS, don’t pollute, don’t make alot of unnecessary waste, and support your local businesses/providers.

I feel like this is a very good path for our younger generation. And its nice to see that people are trying to make a change in this world, because like I said earlier, bad habits are hard to break when you are older.


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