Recycling is Not the answer

Climate Change is a very real threat to changing how we live. With the Arctic ice caps melting and beginning the slow inevitability of ‘Water-world’ becoming more of a Nostradamus like clairvoyant prediction than fiction. Pollution getting so bad in China that people are forced to buy canned air to get a taste of the oxygen they so desperately need. And so many more problems that are needing to be fixed, the only problem is most people genuinely think Recycling is a valid answer to most of these issues, and that is a myth. Recycling only puts more pressure that is the hemorrhage of the problem at hand.


Recycling is the breaking down of one material and reworked into another or similar use. Plastic bottles are crushed into pellets  that can then be used to create more plastic products at a lesser quality, shirts that are uncomfortable and more expensive and a fast array of over priced products. Paper has a similar story, its usually shredded to create more paper. All of this sounds great we use something then re-use it, the catch is it costs us to much to do it. Not just in money, it costs millions and millions of dollars of course to hire the people create the facilities and create the recycled products but it takes more energy to break something down and build it back up rather than make a new one from scratch. The only truly great piece of recycling material is Aluminum, since it costs a lot to create a block of aluminum to start with and then recycling it pays you back for the contribution, no other kind pays you back.

I think the answer is to simply be conservative, in the film we are watching “No Impact Man” he was reusing his high quality bottles again and again so he wasnt buying a new bottle for every product again. He bought cloth diapers rather than the normal kind that fill landfills past my eyebrows. I think turning your breaker is actually a brilliant idea of how to conserve energy, because if you have something turned off even though your breaker is on its still using plenty of energy. Buying fresh local in season produce is by far my favorite idea, this need to have anything at anytime is driving over cropping and delivering horrible produce sometimes and costing to much energy all at once. We just need to stop being Kings of Rome and step back from the royal like convinces we are so used to now before there is no kingdom to go home to


3 thoughts on “Recycling is Not the answer

  1. I’ve always had a gut feeling that something about the concept of recycling stuff will only degrade the overall quality of everything created from the output, and it’s enlightening to see some figures and examples of the effect that this is currently having right now. I can agree with buying locally grown food, and it honestly just tends to taste better anyway, so why not? I don’t think I would ever go as far as living like the No Impact Man, but there are some valuable takeaways that are easy enough that anyone would be able to apply to their daily life with relative ease.

  2. I love the points you make and i agree that recycling isn’t really the answer but on how you choose to reuse and conserve the things you buy is smarter and more environmentally safer path to follow. Also i like how you put in the statement that it take more energy to break something down rather than to build it up, which makes complete sense to me in how you briefly stated it. But i don’t believe the world will ever be “cured” from pollution. It can only be maintained and slowed down.

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