no impact….??

this idea in not a new idea, this is a new take on the ideals from native americans. This idea has been modified to someone that lives in New York city, but the fact of the matter is the only reason that this was such a big thing was because they lived in on of the largest cities in the world. If this family lived in Nebraska, or West Virginia, it wouldnt be a big deal at all. Going back the the comment i made in the first place that this is just a new spin on the Native American Ideal of letting nothing going to waste and using everything. i those times yes there was no electricity, running water, or much else, but they wouldnt not kill more then what was needed to supply there tribe. Not only did non of there kill go to waste but they also would use the bones for tools and the hyde for clothing or shelter. This idea is a good one and that fact that we think of this guy and his family are crazy, that it out of the question for this family to do this. I think that we should regress in certain aspects of our lives. i feel like we should all take away something from this and practice these ideals to not just benefit not only the world but our selves.


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