Cycled Power

I may not look it, but I used to bike 14 miles a day, one way, when I went to school at my community college. And I can tell you, you don’t know good that felt each time I did.

I’ve grown up, I’m sure like the rest of us, in a time where the scare of climate change has been always over our heads. It seems the poor decisions of ours in the past, or at least the ignorance of the past is on our shoulders now. We much do all we can to leave less of a carbon footprint on this planet. My family really tries hard to do so, as we recycle, try to grow as much crops we can for our selves during the summer, and reusing as many things as we can.

Coming back to the biking, I really felt like I was making a difference not using a motor vehicle to get to school. Of course it was hard work, but all that lead to much exercise that made me feel better then I had ever felt. I made me want to eat more healthy and drink more water.  It really showed how, over time we as a human race have made things too convenient for ourselves. Car are super convenient, and help you get were you want to go fast and when you want to go, which is nice in some cases, but it has a cost, not to us, but to the planet. With biking, the only cost seems to me the hard work we have to put into getting places, which is a deal breaker for most, but it really just helps you in time.

I haven’t been able to bike in a long while due to living on campus here at Ringling, but I really actually miss that 14 mile ride just to get to school. I don’t drive here at Ringling, if I do need to get somewhere I usually end up walking, which is better then driving as well, but your feet can’t take you somewhere fast like a bike can. I’m trying my best to try and cut more down on things that are unneeded ever since I’ve seen No Impact Man, because I feel if we did try more of his ideas we would see a lot more of a difference with the planet, but also in ourselves. I was trying this before as well, but it has inspired me to try even harder.


2 thoughts on “Cycled Power

  1. I agree! I feel like we could use bicycle transportation more often for local travel (you’re right it would help a great deal) and save cars and trucks for long distance shipping. Right there we might cut out a lot more then we realize. (I know the feeling. I miss my bike too, but I have no need for it here – here we can walk just about everywhere. Back home we just got a sidewalk put in so it’s easier and safer to get to our local grocery with your bike or walk, so it seems like we’re taking baby steps here and there for that type of thing to become possible.)

  2. I think biking definitely requires a certain lifestyle if implemented 100%
    Its unfortunate that our society frowns upon a lifestyle choice such as one like that because it typically, though not accurately, suggests low income. And so you can understand that it wouldn’t be appropriate for an attorney to bike to court or a real estate agent to bike to a house showing, because it doesn’t look professional. I think there needs to be a shift in peoples thinking in order to accept it 100%
    But incorporating biking or walking wherever we can is obviously the best, not only for us, but for the planet

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