Ice, Ice baby


Every time I hear someone talking about climate change is always related to the Earth hitting up and the icebergs melting. But I always wanted to know if these climate change would result on the opposite end; a new Ice Age. 

This climate change happens a few times every ten thousand years. But it’s been more years since the last one happened. Reading through some articles on the internet I discovered that the concerned of a new Ica age has been on the scientists minds since the late eighteen hundreds. On this website I’ve seen letters to president Nixon warning him about the coming Ice Age, or even 1895 New York Times articles talking about the climate changes and how this is going to lead the Earth to suffer another one of these periods, though they will no be huge hairy warm Mammoths patrolling the streets, but little tiny humans who are not going to be able to walk out of their homes without freezing to death.

This doesn’t mean I would not like to see this happening, I mean I would love to go to work skiing but I still think that we are not ready for any extreme climate change, either it’s warm or cold, and because of that we are ignoring the possibility that we are heading ourselves to one of these extremes.

This is the link to that website where i read these articles.


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