Dolphin vs. Cattle

I was glad to see that ‘The Cove’ and ‘Food Inc.’ were both nominated as best documentary feature at the 2010 Academy Awards. Both movies were a huge wake up call, and changed my view on a lot of things that I had no prior knowledge of, such as the dolphin massacres in Japan and how inhumanly the food we eat is produced. Rarely do we see multiple “green” films in the spotlight, but recently the number has been off the charts. This brings about many positive things, but most importantly it helps people become aware of things that that may not have been aware of before seeing these films. It brings the environmental movement out of the alleys and brings it to center stage where it gains a lot of exposure. ‘The Cove’ ended up winning the award, and many people saw this film, that may not have seen it had it not won such a high honor.

Director Psihoyos accepts an award with Stevens, Pesman, in Hollywood

In class someone missioned what makes the dolphin slaughters so important, when many animals are being slaughtered for jewelry, fur, food, etc. I put humans and animals on a very close level, and regard their life as I would another human. I don’t look at the slaying of dolphin as any more cruel than the 100,000+ cattle killed every day in this country. I think that both are horribly inhumane and cruel, and those responsible should be jailed. I have seen how they are treated at factory farms and it is horrible. The suffering, pain, and mistreatment that the animals at factory farms face daily in horrendous. If we ever want to give animals the respect that they deserve we need to stand up and fight the system that dictates how animals are treated.


2 thoughts on “Dolphin vs. Cattle

  1. I do wonder what these fishermen think when they look at themselves in the mirror every morning. If anything. How do they justify it to themselves? Sometimes I wish I could hear other peoples thoughts only to understand what the heck they are thinking and how they are thinking.

  2. I haven’t watched Food Inc. because I’m guessing its pretty sad and gross, but I think the cruelty of killing something with absolutely no benefits or reason (not for food or self-defense) is even more despicable than cattle being slaughtered for food

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