Elephant Genocide

elephant tusks

After watching “The Cove” during class, I was really shocked that that type of useless animal genocide was possible. I wanted to do more research into what other kind of animal genocide was still going on in the world.

I had known that elephants were being killed for their ivory tusks, but I had no idea to the extent that the mass murder was still going on today. After reading an article posted by National Geographic I was absolutely appalled, horrified and sick to my stomach to say the least.

In March of this year, just a few short weeks ago, the largest elephant-poaching episode so far in 2013 killed over 86 elephants in the southwestern region of Chad. This included 30 pregnant female elephants.

The article mentions that there has been several meetings and conferences held, but are they really doing anything about this? Who is going to stop these poachers from this elephant genocide?


I did find a small token of hope in Celia Ho; a 14-year-old girl from Hong Kong who is organizing an ivory ban campaign to help save elephants. She attracted international attention with her slogan “School United for Elephants.” She’s a true inspiration on how one person can do their part to make a small but significant difference.



Here is the link to the article on elephant poaching (it does have some very graphic images): http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2013/03/27/new-promises-follow-elephant-slaughter-in-chad-and-cameroon/

Here is the link to Celia’s anti-ivory campaign: http://ecosysaction.org/celia’s-corner/


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