Who do we think we are?

So after watching The Cove (and of course I agree with everyone else’s assessment that it was deeply disturbing) no matter what I do, the knowledge cannot be rewound. My image of dolphins is forever tainted, enduringly ruined with their bloody violence in Taiji.

I started to think about the relationship between humans and animals, this mutual fascination we have with each other. Our curiosity has lead us to believe that we have power over them. That we can take and do with them whatever we like. I don’t really understand how this evolved in the course of human history. First, we killed them for their meat, but how did we get so far away from basic human need to take them simply for our amusement? Like most, I have had the dolphin encounter experience, as well as others. As a young girl, I was just so excited to be in the water with them. Never would I have thought that the ones I swam with were the “lucky ones.”

Why do we think we have these rights? Because we are “smarter?” I don’t think we are. I visited this place in Dade City last year called “Wild Things.” I think all the animals are rescued- often from zoos and private owners who can’t afford to take care of them anymore. Its a sort of hospital/ zoo and so that part of it makes you feel good about going there. Because  if they were on the verge of death, and are now getting cared for, you’d think thats better than death. You would think…but I feel like caged animals would rather die. Thats just my opinion At Wild Things, they are wild animals forced to live in very small “enclosures”, not interacting with other animals or their own species, or even their own habitat. That must be hell for a wild animal. But Wild Things says that most of these animals aren’t fit to be released, they’ve been in human captivity their whole life, etc. So I don’t know- I’m not an expert. But its crazyyy when you go there because you are insanely close to these animals since they’re enclosures are so small. I stood face to face with a very large male lion with only a fence and about 20ft between us. Its the same story throughout the place- every animal you encounter you can see right up close. And they even have the balls to let you interact with them.DSC_0006

Don’t get me wrong- it was awesome to pet Leo, the baby lion, and hand feed the buffalo. But its wrong. I’m amazed that this place is even legit-if you ever go there you are just waiting for the cops to come and bust them for being out of code, etc.

All I know is that life is life. We are born, we live, we die. The human species does everything it can to meddle with that , and that includes animals. Why do we think we are so entitled?


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