The Cove sparks Animal Rights thoughts

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Dolphins have never been my favorite animal, this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy their presence, because I do, but overall this is to say I hold a respect for all animals. And to see them in particular, treated in the way the Film Cove depicts, is utter horrifying to me. I was unaware of this, and unaware of the connection between these creatures I saw as a child at Sea World to these helpless animals in a seemingly terrifying slaughter. Seeing this has opened my eyes once again to the reality of our world. There are the many out there that love animals and respect them, but then again in my eyes there aren’t enough. I wish there was a way to stop our violence against animals, and this came to me while watching the Cove. I found myself not just thinking about these poor Dolphins but all animals in general. This the idea to stop killing them for “tradition”, “food”, or even “sport”. I am not a vegetarian, but I respect those who are, and I personally  have gone for periods of time where I have chosen to either stop eating meat or cut back on my consumption of meat (I’ll admit I’m not perfect). I have been told by many that this is unhealthy, that there are vital properties in meat that we need to survive. Part of me wants to believe this isn’t true and that we can in fact attain these same properties from other sources, yet part of me is unsure. (I would rather try solutions like lab grown meat, even if it’s risky, rather the continue the slaughter we do today of animals.) I just can’t understand how we can keep doing this to these creatures, as humans we hold so much power in our hands, maybe too much, we literally hold these creatures lives in our own hands. Why can’t we see this? I wish I could take the blinders off our culture. Maybe if we had to slaughter our own animals and collect our own eggs we would think twice. Is it our removal from the foods we eat, and the creatures we enjoy that stops our care for these animals? Ultimately what I am trying to say is that this film didn’t just open my eyes to the slaughter of dolphins, but it opened my eyes to the slaughter of all living creatures as well as the distance we put between ourselves and our food supply. The people living in the very community that was killing these dolphins had no idea what they where eating or what it toke to get it to there packaged stuffed freezer. If they can be blind to the horrors within their own community, what are we not seeing? I understand our country is always trying to do the right thing, and we appear to be on the edge of the best cause, yet I feel we too should look into our food production. If we take care to note the treatment of our own food and animals, rather then chalk it up to the farmer or some large company, I feel we might have a much more reasonable relationship with the living creatures of our world. And overall I feel this is important because they depend upon us as much as we depend upon them, so why not? Again this is just a thought of my own that came to me while watching the Cove. Maybe we’re not as cruel to our animals as they are to these Dolphins, but I still wish there was some way to get around hurting all animals, they think and live just as we do – so why can’t we treat them with the same respect we treat ourselves?

(hope no one feels offended in anyway, I just wish to express my care for all living creatures. I hope my thoughts can inspire your own, what do you think is right?)


Lab Grown meat?


One thought on “The Cove sparks Animal Rights thoughts

  1. Glad to see you making the connection between the Cove and food supply…as well as our own food supply and how disconnected we are from it. These will be the topics of this week!

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