The Cove

After watching The Cove on my own time since I was absent from class last week, I can confidently say that it was quite and effective documentary at evoking an emotional response, which turns into interest into the subject at hand. The Japanese people responsible for killing off all these dolphins are so seemingly detached from what it is they’re doing that they literally have no remorse or moral apprehension about it anymore. They even jump to the defensive when they’re being questioned about whether or not their practices hurt the dolphin. It was quite enraging to watch them baselessly defend something so wrong at the very essence of the act.


There may be an argument that could be made that this has been a cultural tradition for centuries now in this part of Japan, but when it reaches a point where the tradition begins to damage other species and wildlife by proxy of your practices, it’s probably time to reevaluate whether or not it should be continued before the dolphins as a species and their habitats are damaged beyond repair. I also understand that this is some peoples job to slaughter dolphin and whales all day, and in one day and age that could have been fine since we were blind to the repercussions our actions had on the environment. If this is to be continued, there needs to be some sort of way to regulate the number of these animals that can be killed for food so that they aren’t driven out of this part of the world by extinction.


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