Ten ways to stop Climate Change



We all know what climate change is and how it might negatively impact our lives and our world, but do we know how we as individuals can stop it? I looked around and found a listing of ten ways we can personally take a stand and do our part in helping stop climate change.


Number one, commuting, we can cut back on our travel though walking, cycling, carpooling, or use the smallest and most fuel-efficient vehicles possible.


Number two, shaving energy, when you’re not in a room turn out the lights. I know I myself try to not do this, but some times it slips our mind and we leave a room without thinking as well as a light blub or two on. As well, unplugging computers, TVs, and even toasters while not in use can cut back on our energy waste.


Number three, using renewable power, asking where your power is coming from and finding ways to use solar or wind. An example of this might be powering your pools heating system with solar panels.


Number four, eating local foods, you can either grow your own or watch where your food is coming from. The key to this one is asking before you buy.


Number five, cut back on your waste, using recyclable packaging or recycling.


Number six, tax carbon, some say the carbon taxes are helpful (that’s up to you, do you think it’ll slow down the production of carbon?).


Number seven, fly less, before you book your next airline ticket, consider greener options such as buses or trains, or try vacationing closer to home.


Number eight, education, knowing your news and understanding your community.


Number nine, getting involved, write a blog or communicate to others the importance of this issue.


And lastly, number ten, support research for the study of this issue.


We all have an opportunity to do something, doing nothing is never the answer. Even the smallest drop of water creates ripples in the great ocean, and who knows what it goes on to change. Ultimately what I mean by this is don’t think your voice or actions don’t account of anything.


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