Corruption in Thailand

I never realized that animal trafficking was such a problem all around the world.  The woman trying to smuggle a baby tiger by drugging it and putting it in a suitcase with stuffed animal tigers was one of many that sound completely ridiculous and yet this happens regularly in Thailand! When I started to research it more the main consensus is Thailand being the greatest source of this problem. One article I found at the huffington post detailed the work of the police officers in Thailand and their efforts to put a stop to this problem. Their efforts to stop this crime has increased ten fold over the years and they have stopped a GREAT number of illegal attempts. Unfortunately not all of their law enforcement  is dedicated to stopping this awful practice. As it turns out Thailand has a very high rate of corrupt cops as well.  So while will in Thailand most of these awful transactions going on but a lot of them are not stopped merely because the corrupted cops interfere and, for example, warn the intended trafficking targets. So while Thailand has been able to stop a great number of criminals the work of the corrupt cops continues to ensure that the main source of these crimes, or the “kingpins”, continue to escape arrest and therefore continue this form of torture to Thailand’s wildlife. The Chief of police also states undercover cop are monitoring corrupt cops and until the corrupt “uniforms“ are completely rooted out these orchestrators (kingpins) will continue their work and Thailand’s wildlife will continue to be decimated by it. It’s amazing that even with the efforts of the good cops, animal trafficking criminals still don’t experience harsh persecutions. What message are we sending to these criminals? That they can get away with it no matter what. So do we need harsher punishment?


Here’s the original article – its pretty crazy over there


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