no impact man

No impact man was an interesting concept but I don’t think I would be able to live without toilet paper or even electricity for even one day. The fact that they live in New York City helps because they can easily go somewhere to use the bathroom or watch TV. I think the hardest thing would be finding things to eat that cause no impact on our environment. When I think about it almost everything I eat comes in some sort of package and to create little to no waste would be impossible for me. I live by myself and I alone create about two trash bags a week of garbage. Also in order to create no impact on our environment he would also have to cut out any city water that he uses and that would be impossible because you would need to at least shower yourself every few days. I personally thing that he is crazy for trying to create no impact on the environment because he lives in NY, I think if he really wanted to create no impact he and his family would have to move out in the middle of nowhere and just live off the land by growing his own food building his own shelter and use water from a river or stream to bath. By doing this he would truly create no impact and he wouldn’t be contributing to all the waste that NY produces.


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