More on Milk – Causes Cancer?

ImageWhile most of these blog posts have been related to poverty – I thought I would touch on an interesting topic I’ve been learning about recently that has a bit more to do with health issues. After last class I’ve been thinking about businesses that refuse to stop their production due to profit, pride, etc. and just by chance I was recently informed about the dairy industry and all of the health problems that milk can cause both in the short and long term. Of course, I hated to hear all of this because I love anything dairy – cheese, milk, ice cream, you name it. However after talking to some of my friends who are lactose intolerant and reading some of the already existing posts on here about milk, I thought I’d add what I found.

We all know a lot of things can cause cancer. However, milk would’ve been last if you’d ask me to make a list – until I researched a little. Apparently  studies seem to indicate that an excess of milk can make someone much more likely to develop cancers that are influenced by the fat soluble hormones in it – cancers such as testicular/prostate for men, and breast/ovarian for women. This was the worst thing I could hear about my favorite beverage. My advice would be to just treat it with moderation like everything else, but if you’re a milk-aholic maybe you should consider trading it for other drinks when you can. More information on this can be found in this article:

What I find equally interesting is how much milk is advertised to be good for you. It’s the poster child for Calcium, but (also, supposedly) it costs your body more calcium just to break it down and digest it…. It might not be so surprising when you consider how lucrative the dairy business is. Of course they want you to think something they’re selling is healthy. Again everything in moderation, but I think now and then I’ll choose soy.


5 thoughts on “More on Milk – Causes Cancer?

  1. You know, a lot of things are advertised as good for you as, but conveniently leave out the things that are in fact HORRIBLE for you. Let’s get real, EVERYTHING seems to causes cancer. I’m sure with in depth research, we could discover that even water gives you cancer (it’s probably already been proven to some degree, I’m just not completely updated on everything).

    But also with reading this, I can only conclude one thing: HA! I KNEW I was lactose intolerant with purpose! *super hero pose*

  2. Wo! When I was younger milk was my favorite drink. I’d drink it over water and I mother would have to buy at least 2-3 gallons of milk every week(I was obsessed) until 6th grade and it started making me physically ill. I guess becoming lactose intolerant kinda saved me. It’s funny after all these years of not being able to drink milk I still have cravings for it and I can still recall how much I loved it and how tasty and cold it was.

  3. Consider what happens when a milking cow gets sick as well: sometimes the pus from a sick cow gets mixed in with the milk. While they obviously try to sanitize the milk before shipping it out for consumer consumption, there’s never a 100% guarantee that the milk is completely sanitary. Considering the fact that some milk farms use hormones on their cows – which some studies believe then affects humans who consume the milk produced – makes matters all the more cringe-worthy.

  4. You have to watch the documentary “Forks Over Knives” on netflix. It totally talks about this! It presents research and discusses at length the links between cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and animal products. Apparently we’ve been lied to about how healthy dairy and meats are, while in fact they seem to be what’s standing in the way of a longer and healthier life for most Americans. Seriously, check this movie out!

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