dogs decoded

It was interesting to learn that people who own dogs are at less risk of heart attacks, and if they do have a heart attack they are three times more likely to survive. I personally own a pit mix and think the breed gets a bad rap. I believe it is the owner who instills anger into the breed by disciplining with violence. After owning and raising many breeds I think that the pit bull is one of the smartest and intuitive breeds.

The story about how dogs and humans first became friends makes perfect sense. The early humans were hunter-gatherers just like dogs. Dogs soon realized that they could feast on the bones and leftovers from humans, which made dogs attracted to humans. And humans realized that dogs made good companions because of their ability to be intuitive. Thus began the breeding and domestication of these versatile animals. I learned that dog breeding began 15000 years ago.

After watching the video in class I learned that there are over 400 different breeds of dogs now, all of which originated from wolves. Attempts to classify dogs probably date from the time when humans discovered that certain canine traits were more useful than others. The earliest known system of classification, that of the Romans, included categories for house dogs, shepherd dogs, sporting dogs, war dogs, dogs that ran by scent, and dogs that ran by sight. Today there are systems of classification and breeding in most countries of Western Europe and in North America, many using a variation of the standard British system.


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