Celebration or Massacre



Watching The Cove reminded me of something similar that happens back home. But the Spanish government instead of hiding it like the Japanese, they celebrate it in the open and they are proud of it. I am talking about Bullfighting.

Every single summer all the cities and town all over Spain spend at least A WEEK  killing 1,2,3 or even 4  bulls everyday. The worst thing is that it’s considered a way of art for many people, I just see a guy dressed up in shiny golden tights stabbing a poor animal to its death.

The practice is horrible and I have to say that I’ve been present in a couple of these ‘shows’ during my childhood, but the event was so horrible I haven’t come back for many years. The whole process is a bloody nonsense mess, if the Torero is an amateur, it can last for 5-6 hours till the bull faints of pain or other torero kills it. I can’t even describe how disgusted and I am every time I see any of this killings on the news.

Fortunately, the anti bullfighting movements have been growing in Spain during these last couple years. Even they got to prohibit bullfighting in a Barcelona and the surroundings and I hope that it grows till this practice disappears from every corner of these planet.





2 thoughts on “Celebration or Massacre

  1. I’d like to know why they do this in the first place, where it originates, and what they do with the bull afterwards. I figure they’d eat it, just like any other bull, but the fact they use it’s death for entertainment is awful.

  2. I’m sure that the bullfighters say that it is a cultural tradition right? I am Portuguese and there are bullfights but they don’t usually kill the bull. However, the taunting and teasing of the bull doesn’t seem right either. Great connection to the Cove!

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