Poverty In Jamaica



I thought since I am part Jamaican id like to discuss its economic situation for those who may not know already. Population in Jamaica is  about 3 million and among them are many homeless people. The Jamaican Economy is mainly made up from tourism, bauxite, and sugar.  Jamaica has a fairly high unemployment rate of 11.5% (“Jamaica, Cia World Fact Book”) and over 19 percent of  Jamaica is below the poverty line.


In the past, the Jamaican government has tried to help the lower classes through social reform but due to the country’s economic conditions, the government lacks sufficient funding. 

And today, the Jamaican economy is faced with several long-term economic problems including high interest rates, exchange rate instability and increasing internal debt 


Sadly a lot of children are deprived of education because of not being able to afford the registration costs to attend school, like uniforms, books, supplies, etc. Kinda Like College. Also children who can not attend college also are denied healthcare as well. In Jamaica after the age of three healthcare is provided in schools. VOICES OF CHILDREN JAMAICA jamaica2

So hows a Country supposed to rise from such an economic/social crisis if education can not be provided? The problem of poverty and homelessness in Jamaica increased significantly during the 1970’s, shortly after the country gained political independence, and is still a major problem today.


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