Who is Responsible?

A Delhi-based environment organization, the Centre for Science and Environment, pointed out that if the poor world were to develop and consume in the same manner as the West to achieve the same living standards, “we would need two additional planet Earths to produce resources and absorb wastes … and good planets are hard to find!”


There are alot of fingers being pointed at humans for the main reason the earth is facing so many global issues, however the cause of the  problem at hand is entirely larger and more complex. Let’s take a look at poverty and its effect on the environment. Half the world — nearly three billion people — lives on less than two dollars a day.Yet, just a few hundred millionaires now own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people. It’s crazy how there seems to be no middle ground just extremely rich and extremely poor people. To highlight this inequality further, consider that approximately 1 billion people suffer from hunger and some 2 to 3.5 billion people have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Poor people all over the world face hunger and low living standards that affect the way they probably think about the environment. Some environmentalists, from rich nations especially, tend to raise concerns about increasing populations placing excessive burdens on the world’s resources as the current major source of environmental problems. However,While humans are largely responsible for many problems of the planet today, not all humans have the same impact on the environment. It is important to consider, for example, that the consumption of just the worlds wealthiest fifth of humanity is so much more than the rest of the world, as highlighted at the beginning. Saying that the problem with the environment is rapid population growth is entirely to simplistic. Adding to the complexity is that resources are not going to be around forever. A combination of things like how we use resources, for what purpose, how many, how the use of those resources change over time, etc, that defines whether they are used inefficiently or not and whether we will run out of them or not. It may just be that the world’s resources are allocated to meet a few people’s wants, not everyone’s needs. This is such a big subject that its hard to expand on and many people just see the surface. 

When it comes to who is responsible for the environmental issues, pointing fingers does nothing but create a diversion from the true facts and time is waisted blaming when that energy can be used to help fix the issue. 


For a ton of info on Poverty and the Environment:

read more on: http://www.globalissues.org/article/425/poverty-and-the-environmentImage




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