What Darwin never knew?

It goes without saying that Charles Darwin was a genius, who was incredibly ahead of his time. I am happy that the TV program did not render him as unimportant or his ideas as foreign. Rather, they gave him a place even in contemporary science, and provided us with a background on him and his contribution to science. I enjoyed its description of the interesting species that recently have become known to us. And how it provided us with knowledge that Darwin was not aware of 150 years ago when he was publishing ‘The Origin of Species.’ I wonder how Darwin’s hypothesis’s for the origins of life would have changed if he had been aware of the knowledge we know in the 21-century. One of the most enjoyable times I have had in a class took place in this biodiversity class, simply watching the TED talk and learning about how species adapt, and can, in some cases conform to their environments to aid in their safety. I found this fascinating and deeply engaging. Perhaps the one that was of most interest to me was the salmon that swim upstream, to deposit their eggs, with not food in their body, knowing that they will die.


An interesting example of an amazing animal adaptation came from an article I recently read on the Leiocephalus Carinatus, which is a predatory lizard living in the Bahamas. The preferred pray among the male lizards is the Anolis Sagrei. This species quickly became longer legged which aids in fleeing from predators. On the other hand, females grew in size, which made them harder to ingest. This stuck out to me because of how short of a time it took for them to evolve and adapt to better suit their survival needs. Have you found any animals that have adapted to their new surroundings?


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