Poverty and the Environment


In class we touched on the subject of poverty in relation to the environment and sustainability. Through my research I found that there is a belief that in order for poor countries to develop, concerns about the environment have to be sacrificed until they are out of poverty. This seemed to imply that environmentalism is a luxury that some countries can only address one they are economically stable.

Biological diversity allows a large number of species to work together to help maintain the environment. Humans benefit from this because the environment sustains us with a variety of resources. However, when humans begin to tamper with nature and the change the amount of resources that are available to the ecosystem and other species in it, we start to see some problems.


Bangladesh has suffered various environmental problems such as increasingly devastating floods that are often believed to be a result of large-scale deforestation. But because of increased pressures from timber companies, agricultural business and local populations underprivileged nations feel they have no choice but to turn to forests as a source of income to succeed. Issues about environment, economics and politics are all inter-related through the way humans interact with their surroundings and each other.

We cannot take the environment for granted. Humanity has a responsibility to each other and to the environment. There have been many important technological advances that concern the environment, but they’re not addressing the underlying political, social and economics aspects. Why do these countries resort to depleting their resources for the hope of becoming a more “developed society”?


One thought on “Poverty and the Environment

  1. I 100% agree with you Kim! I know this is going to sound so mean, but I make sure its read in context. Human life is important, but to me what is just as important that can not be sacrificed to ensure that the world remains just as, if not more beautiful for those who come after us. It is one of my biggest fears that we will all end up in a “Soylent Green” situation, in a post apocalyptical world, where nature was a thing of the past and items such as beef and veggies are only available for the upper class. Countries need to support environmentalism and then economic growth. One will follow suit in the other as a country keeps its natural beauty becoming a tourist destination, boosting their economy.

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