“Over Population is the World’s Worst Environmental Issue”

There are over 7 billion people in the world today, over 300 million people in the U.S. alone.  Even though population growth is slowing, it is estimated that we will reach over 9 billion by 2048.


This is an issue, we have overpopulated, and this means we threaten other species in our habitats. Our population has exceeded it’s carrying capacity, which is “the maximum number of individuals of a species that can exist in a habitat in indefinitely without threatening other species in that habitat.” We can not say that this is not true from all the evidence of us destroying the environment for our own benefit, be it from growing the crops needed to ship out to other countries for a profit, or even just being desperate for food that you are driven to hunt endangered animals.


Basic resources are strained due to the vast amount of people, people go to bed hungry, clean water shortages, oil and gas, wood for fires and housing, we are taking too much fish and destroying the ocean floor. All of this is a problem. It’s not far to blame certain groups for causing these issues in certain areas, because it’s ALL our fault. The demand of another area is affect another one. 


We all try to put efforts into making the world a better place, but that means less for us as a person. Less food, less water consumption, less driving, less space for ourselves. We have our personal freedom taken away with the over growing population if we want to help make things better, and that doesn’t seem very fair does it? It’s not fair, not to us as individuals, and not the environment around us.


What can we do to fix this issue? Unfortunately it’s a bit risky to act upon, for it’s a human right to be able to breed, but we can’t just keep sweeping this issue under the rug. 


There is no clear way to solve this issue, but we need to all educate ourselves in what we are doing so we can all come together and want a solution to help everyone out.  I feel that education is the first step in the right direction so we all can have a brighter, less destructive further.



2 thoughts on ““Over Population is the World’s Worst Environmental Issue”

  1. I think providing access to reliable birth control, especially in the third world countries, would definitely help in assisting with overpopulation. For religious purposes, so many women cannot give up the baby and will be shunned from their family if they do so, and thus continue to have children, more mouths they really can’t feed. But if all men and women had easy access to birth control, and used it, it might help.

  2. Atibbe is right – making contraception available globally is absolutely essential to slowing (and ultimately contracting) the growth of human population on earth. Additionally, education for women must be made available worldwide – with financial independence many women will choose to have less or no children and will form part of the workforce to tackle the issues overpopulation is causing. Your point is also well-made though, that people living in countries where education and contraception are taken for-granted must reconsider their personal impact on the planet – what they consume, how many other consuming lives they are breeding and what they are giving back / contributing to protect both the humans and the rest of the natural world in the future.

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