Monsanto Protection Act…signed…..WHAT?!

So while I was browsing through my social network page today I found that Obama signed something. I thought it was related to the approval of same sex marriage  but it turns out to be another issue that has been slipped past for Obama to sign. There was no big coverage about it so I was instantly curious. It turns out to be about the Monsanto Protection Act.

With the food industry growing and how much food it is producing everyday it phases us how the process of our food is being made. With the exposure of the internet we have exposed a lot of food fraudulent as well as how corporates have  control over farmers. We are so health conscious nowadays that we would just pick anything off the shelf that is labeled “organic” or “whole wheat” just to make ourselves feel better. But is it really “organic”? Are companies just putting on that label just to attract consumers? Is it still “organic” when it is modified even in the slightest and can last for days?

GMO’s production has been a debate over the years. It has overtaken a lot of farmer’s profits and jobs and people have protested for their rights to know what is put in our foods that we buy and that it is mandated over the years. In the food democracy now website they breifly explain what this protection act is about:

“In the past, legal advocates have successfully won in court the right to halt the sale and planting of unapproved GMO crops while the approval of those crops is under review by a federal judge. This dangerous new House provision, which we’re calling the Monsanto Protection Act, would strip judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops, endangering farmers, consumers and the environment.”

The worrisome thing is that we will always never know what really goes into our food unless some Documentary will expose it.Some farm animals are raised in cruel conditions and force fed to grow faster than it normally can. These are things some farmers can wish they can control the way their raise their animals but the industry has been driven by greed and profit, even the farmers can go against it.

GMO crops have made an impact in keeping up with the demand of our food sources but altering it genetic information to make the perfect “apple” comes at a cost. Knowing that with this protection act untested GMO’s foods can be very dangerous to us and our environment. Imagine an untested perfect “apple” who know what it will do to our body, maybe we’ll mutate to have a third limb or even allow our healthy cells to be prone to activate as cancer cells.

Our foods has already been proven to cause some long last affects on people and its starting to grow worse. A lot of use who are conscious about our food go out of way to buy things from farmers markets or local food sources. It ‘s hard to trust a supermarket these days and its even harder to really help feel really conscious about what we eat because we need it to survive.Even though the Protection Act is viable for 6 months, will this create a larger whole for the food industry and it will affect us and the environment. So how will this turn out in the future? Will our voices be heard and maybe there will be a change for our own food rights?


Susan Yung


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