Dogs and Genetic Variability

Before watching the documentary on dogs in class, I had no idea that they all evolved from wolves. I found it fascinating how many different species of dogs are available to us. It was amazing how you could train a dog to jump higher, and even breed it with a dog with stronger legs, or more jumping ability to get to your goal.


I have two chocolate labs at home, Bella, and Gabby. About 6 years ago Bella bit the Christmas tree light chord, she got shocked badly, but was all right. To this day she never gets anywhere near the tree not even within 10 feet. This was interesting and also reinforced my belief that animals are very intelligent and can thing about things on a deeper level that most may suspect. We recently moved to a lake and they were not used to swimming so much. At fist they were skeptical of the water, but in only a few days time they were in the water swimming everyday. I thought about this when watching the video in class and thinking about how quickly animals adapt. Do you have any crazy pet stories that show similar behavior?


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