Why Can’t Americans Eat Healthy?

Why Can’t Americans Eat Healthy?


It’s a bargain, it’s fast, and tasty! That’s what fast food joints have to sell us. Many of us argue that eating healthy is expensive but just how expensive is it? Is it really as detrimental to our paychecks as we are lead to believe? If you buy organic yes the individual prices are more elevated. What if we were to become more selective in our eating habits? Lets consider how much we consume and how fast? Eating healthy is not the only factor that we need to consider when making the decision to eat healthy. Eating healthy is a kind of life style not just something you do when it’s convenient or when the current family paycheck allows it.  Studies prove that’s it’s not just about eating healthy foods but we must also consume healthy amounts of these foods. No more over eating and no more eating because of boredom. Liking when you stare into the refrigerator to think about random things that have nothing to do with food or your appetite. I’m guilty of this on occasion and it’s taking time but I’ve gotten really good at catching and stopping myself from doing it. Eventually I’ll get to the organic produce section in the grocery store. Baby Steps.

One of the worst things in this whole problem is probably the fact that the government knows about such unhealthy ingredients in the affordable foods being pushed at the middle class citizens. Over the years those in charge and their campaigns are backed by their agribusiness and have used billions of tax payer dollars to subsidize the common key ingredients found in unhealthy foods(corn, soybeans, wheat, etc). Low and behold these subsidies have created a cheap price that helps junk food undersell healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. In return for this seemingly cheaper price, our countries people, beaten down by recession, are pushed to choose to buy the “lower-priced” junk food that our money pays for. This cheap unhealthy food is also served to our nations children in their schools everyday and it has only gotten worse over the years. With the health of our country’s people declining, the cost of healthcare can only go up. Skewed information and corrupt policymaking is definitely at work.

With those in control so deeply ingrained in the system can we come back from this ever growing crisis? Of course we can. Will it be easy definitely not. If this country can help birth a billion dollar business like McDonalds with unhealthy foods than it can also help create a business that produces healthy meals for the same price. It all comes down to the people in power and who is willing to put forth effort to bring about change.



You know this brings to mind an episode of the TV show Supernatural when an early species of demon “Leviathans” try to enslave humans for food by poisoning their favorite fast food. They made the food irresistible and addictive while dumbing the population down and making them docile and easy to control. There by producing a food that won’t fight back. Creeeepy


2 thoughts on “Why Can’t Americans Eat Healthy?

  1. I’m really glad that you bring this up. I kind of go through this dilema everyday. Being a broke college student, I feel like my options are very limited. I have little to no time or money, so when I see that I can get a burger for $1 versus going home and spending the time to cook something, I “win” on both counts of saving time and money.

    I feel like the real root of this lies in America’s constant “go, go, go” mentality. We’re always working towards something; getting a degree, getting a job, making money, paying bills, saving for vacation, paying of debt…etc. Because most Americans are always going we’re tired and overworked and taking care of our bodies because less of a priority.

  2. If our consumer culture were to transition into promoting the combination of both success in health and success in career, I think we would all be better off. But for some reason, Americans put work before anything else. Then family, and then health. I know a lot of people would bring up the point that America is the most powerful country in the world, and with that comes some sacrifice from its people. Has our health been our sacrifice?

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