This is more of a small observation than anything else, but I wanted to bring attention to it none the less.

When we went as a class to Myakka, carpooling was mandatory given the lack of car drivers at Ringling. So when we got there, I observed 8 cars pull up with (I think) 13 students. As we traveled to each location in the park, everyone continued to get into their cars- when all 13 people could have fit into 4 cars comfortably. As a class studying the human impact on the environment, I thought this was kind of ridiculous but refrained from saying anything because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. One guy was traveling completely alone and could have easily fit 4 other students in his car with him, but I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad.

I’ve thought about what it meant for me to not speak up, and all the people in the past that never did. Nothing will change if noone ever says anything to start the change. So this is me amending my lack of a voice while we were in the park. But I do want to say- I hope I wasn’t the only one who identified the irony of our situation.


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  1. I agree, you should speak out, often time these things just never come to mind. I feel this is not a lack of compassion for the planet, I feel it’s more of a lack of time to think. I honestly feel as if we spend our lives in a haze. We always seem to have something that needs to get done, or something we’re expecting to get done. If we could pull our heads out of this fog based in current issues and concerns, and look to the future that will soon surround us, I think we could make a large impact on efforts to help the environment across the planet.

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