Factory Farming: Bad for Everyone

There are so many different types of diets, lifestyles, ways to eat healthier, etc. these days that it’s hard to agree upon something with someone who isn’t on the same level of understanding that you are when it comes to eating. One thing that everyone should be able to agree with however, is that factory farming is bad for everyone.

Factory farming is the large scale industrial animal agricultural industry that breeds and raises animals for food for humans to eat. These factories are notorious for wreak havoc on the environment and the people that live around them by polluting the air and water. These plants basically generate the waste of a small city by raising hundreds of thousands of animals for food. Many of the dangers come from nitrates (waste) produced by the animals that contaminates the groundwater. The effects of this are obvious and devastating to surrounding fish, human, and plant life alike.

Bills are being pushed across the nation to make animal farm abuse investigations much more difficult, and preventing people from having easier access to the full knowledge of what goes on to the animals that they end up consuming. More on this legislature:



One thought on “Factory Farming: Bad for Everyone

  1. i have heard that these farms are so big and vast that the cattle is kept miles away on private property so that none can see whats really going on.

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