Fur Baby in need!

Hey everybody I’m trying to help find a home for an siberian husky my mom found at the humane society. After being raised from a pup and living with his past family for seven years he developed a skin condition on his tail and the family could no longer afford to pay for his medication. They sent him to the Humane Society to be euthanized. All because they were cheap! ARG! You just don’t abandon you’re fur babies! Anyway he’s a real sweetheart and the people at the human society just couldn’t him put down and are instead holding onto him hoping someone will adopt him. Do any of you know anyone who is interested in adopting a sweet siberian Husky? I’d take him but my family already has two dogs and three cats and it’s not fair to him to stuff him in our house with all those other animals(if only we lived in a bigger house). We are willing to foster him if worst comes to worst until he his adopted. This baby boy does NOT deserve to die. Please help us find a nice home for him.

Meet Argus  🙂 I really REALLY want him for myself.



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