Are We On Our Way The Skyrim?

The Evolution of the ancient species of our world have fascinated us for years. The fossils of Woolly Mammoths have shown us just how drastically certain modern species, like the elephant, have changed.

Recently, a team of Russian and Japanese scientists have claimed they have the necessary elements in the bone marrow of well preserved wooly mammoths and will be able to clone a woolly Mammoth in four years. Just what is it exactly that you would need to clone a mammoth?

From what I have read, even though the we have the technology to clone animals now, the chances of actually procuring a baby mammoth is still very slim. Whole, well preserved mammoths with young have been found in frozen areas of Russia finally melted by the rising temperatures today. Arguments have been made against the time frame this team has laid down. Though possible, the chances of success in just four years are slim. Assuming the preserved mammoths that were found had the proper undamaged cell nuclei in the bone marrow needed to clone the species. The DNA would need to be put inside of a close relative, such as the African elephant, then maybe, maybe a baby mammoth will be produced.

Another point that was made was, what if we do succeed? Just how well will this creature be able to acclimate to the world as it is now. Will it pose a treat to our ecosystem and the species now? And honestly wouldn’t we have to breed this mammoth with an elephant in order to keep this experiment going? And then after we breed it with an elephant it ceases being a woolly mammoth.

Of course there is the great chance that these scientists are full of poop and didn’t actually find anything.

If this were Skyrim we could have Mammoths no problem, just make sure you have your ebony sword as the ready.Skyrim-Mammoth


3 thoughts on “Are We On Our Way The Skyrim?

  1. That is a really good point about how the DNA would need to be put into the egg of a close, living relative. There are a lot of complications with that alone. There would also be the concern about the lifespan of the mammoth and its fertility. Would a mammoth even be capable of breeding with an elephant? If the mammoth was cloned to reintroduce the species, it might not be able to survive. Would it be able to live with that heavy coat due to global warming? How much territory would it need and does it migrate? Overall, I doubt the feasibility of cloning mammoths. You made me very curious, so I did some research and found this video: I hope that it isn’t the same place where you got your research, I just thought it was interesting. Thanks for posting!

  2. Interesting! Makes me think of native americans before foreigners (spanish?) came and spread their disease among the masses. With such an old gene that hasn’t been exposed to yearsssssssss of evolved germs would it survive in this millennial with it’s prehistoric genes? Nevermind the physical traits that could prove problematic, I wonder if it would even survive long enough to grow older than a year. Kinda a bummer thought.

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