The concept of Sociobiology, as presented in last week’s film, is actually a little fascinating to me. I myself am intrigued by animals’ behavior in groups, particularly when it comes to my own pets. I have had female dogs that, while they have been spayed, seem to have certain instinctual behaviors whenever they meet puppies. They have a certain tough-but-fair parental instinct towards pups, letting them know what they can and can’t do, teaching them certain habits, and even breaking the puppies up if they seem to be roughhousing too much. We have never taught our dogs how to act around other animals outside of “don’t bite them”, so it always fascinates me to see how our pets act whenever we dogsit or foster other pups.

Obviously, some sort of parental instinct is hardwired into dogs as a species, no matter what you teach them or if you “fix” them. So, yeah, I can completely buy into the concept of sociobiology, at least in terms of genetically-inherited behaviors.


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